Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi, I'm Back! Again! :D

It's been so long O.O *strokes blog*

Anyway! Since my friend Nova does a lot of these Dear Boys posts, I thought that maybe I'd do one too! :D

Since I don't know anyone in real life (-.-) I'll use the guys I know from Inkpop ^_^

 Dear Topher,
Thanks for the support, compliments, and ideas for HeyScamp, and thanks for being such an epic fan and person (and Panther!). Kudos on your book!
Dear Wtevr,
Thanks for listening to my rants and forming a food-fight alliance with me. I've lost track of how many times I've killed you with cupcakes.

Dear Joker,
Thanks for giving me that virtual bazooka and a Wegmans for my backyard.

Dear Ed,
Thanks for being awesome and putting that epic poem back up so I can pick it again (whenever you do!)

Dear Jason,
Thanks for pulling those all-nighters back when the Olympians and the Panthers were alive. Good times.

Dear Twisty,
Thanks for being a vampire and not minding too much when I call you Gramps. Chuck Norris wants his 'awesome' back.

Dear Jesse,
Thanks for letting me post my nonsense on all your threads. Alpacas.

Dear Matumbo,
Thanks for writing those awesome, twisted poems that make me question my sanity. I'm still confused and waiting for more.