All About Hank!

◊Age: Meh...all ages. I can't decide on one XD
♂Gender: Male

Hank Zemeckis is one of my characters, and I might be unhealthily obsessed with him o.O

~Hank's Chronology:

He actually started off as a twenty-year-old accidental private detective in a garage band. Then a fourteen-year-old making his way in a big world. Then I became addicted to watching Magnum, PI and I turned him into a twenty-three-year old private detective in California.

And now he's a quirky teenager in Los Angeles! :D

He has reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. He's smart, sarcastic, witty, pessimistic, and sometimes he likes to be a know-it-all smart-alec.

At first, back in the garage band days, it was Hank and his three best friends - Bob, Dirk, and Hilary. Hank was basically an intelligent soul in a pack of punk kids XD

He was then taken down to be a fourteen-year-old. I'd seen commercials for The Breakfast Club (which I've still yet to watch :P) and tried to spin a story off that. Hank was an average high school joe, and Bob was a modern day greaser. They met in a skateboard shop, oddly enough XD

And then Hank was an independent, smart, but humorous detective. Hilary had disappeared, Dirk was now a distant side character, and it was just two best friends attempting to solve mysteries - Hank Zemeckis and Bob Benson. Bob originally had another last name, but I have so many notebooks crammed with their stories that I lost it and made up a new one XD

And then, after that, but while I was still engrossed with Magnum episodes, Bronx Jettson came into the picture. He was originally a client, with whom Bob did not get along with at all, and Hank had to find his missing...well, missing something. I don't think I ever got around to that XD

Then I thought - hm...I like Bronx. Why not make him a regular?

And so I did. And I transformed him from a spoiled, whiny actor to an emo, sarcastic...person XD

And then Hank and company suddenly became sixteen. Bob and Bronx still weren't getting along; Bob lived in New York City and flew across the country on vacations, and the two of them squabbled like cats and dogs.

This phase lasted a bit. And then they were thirteen, and all lived in Los Angeles. And here we are! :D

Bronx is still an emo drama club groupie. Bob is still a respectable punk in black leather. And Hank is still witty Hank.

Of course :3