Monday, June 27, 2011

More Peacock Pictures! :D

I'm on a roll today XD

Anyway, here we have one of the two peacocks who come over a lot (Les and Leo - this one is Les) displaying his feathers on the back porch :D

And "the kids" are approaching as well! :D

One of the young guys (we haven't named them yet XD) tried to outdo Les and displayed his own feathers. He doesn't have many yet, though XD

Bahahahahaha! :D

- RahRahAnn

Armadillos! :D

 My brother caught some footage of these guys rooting around outside our house! :D

Yesh, they're as close as they look. Not sure if armadillos are blind or not, because they walked right up to him! :D

They're loud o.o

Bahahahaha :D

- RahRahAnn

First Pictures Of Murdock The Squirrel! :D

This is one of the many squirrels inhabiting our yard! :D

We call him Murdock. Like, Howling Mad Murdock, for those fellow A-Team enthusiasts ;)

Unlike the other squirrels, Murdock likes to lay down. A lot. For some odd reason XD

I guess he's either really lazy, really odd, or really awesome.

Yeah. He's just really awesome :D

Sorry for the quality - this was filmed through the front door XD

- RahRahAnn

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Story Idea! :D

 Tires screeched and rubber burned, and sparks lit up the darkness. Swiftly, the Lamborghini Murciélago, black and blending with the night, thrust from its opponent's side to swerve, an almost invisible fury of shimmering paint. The semi truck, caught between the two battling vehicles, slowed in attempt to escape the madness and slip through behind to safety while the two cars continued on. Unaware, the Ferrari charged forwards.
Following this was a deafening screech of brakes and a blur of action. Moving too late to avoid collision, the Lamborghini clipped the back of the truck. The semi made a desperate last-minute attempt to swerve the opposite direction into the other lane, and the Ferrari realized a moment before collision that there was absolutely nowhere to go.
Metal bent. Glass shattered. Time seemed to freeze solid – and once it had started up again, the damage had already been done.
No one moved in the Lamborghini Murciélago. There was no view of inside, the tinted windows riddled with hairline fractures, and the car had spun to rest on the grass off the road. The semi was on its side and there was no motion from the cabin. The front half of the Ferrari was crushed underneath the bulk of the truck, the rear tires slightly suspended and still slowly turning. Survival seemed nearly impossible.
No one was around to see the dark figure emerge from the crumpled door of the smashed vehicle, silhouetted by the motionless trains of broken headlights. His shadow stretched and stretched as he neared the Lamborghini, one arm making the painful movement to his left pocket. The object he retrieved glinted in the moonlight.
The butt of the gun cracked the glass more and the passengers window caved in, a waterfall of glass falling to the beige interior. The expensive vehicle still smelled of new car and air fresheners, and now a new, metallic tang. With not much to see by, he aimed.
And fired.
With his deed done, a car lost, and a disaster to leave on the road behind him, the lone figure limped away to the sparkling city sleeping in the distance.

Opinions? :D

- pokes blog - No Signs Of Life o.o o.o

Listening to: "6 to 8" by AFI. Ah, memories...of, like, a year ago, writing my 40+ page FFVII: Crisis Core fanfiction with this song playing on repeat. Good times 8D

Writing: I'll post THAT in a sec ;)

Reading: The words that I'm typing, and re-reading Scorpia (Alex Rider - what ROCK do you live under? XD) :D

Watching: Nothing computer screen :D

Me wants to hear that song again XD

- turns "6 to 8" on repeat -

Much better! :D

- RahRahAnn

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I was looking forward to the new Inkpop. I really was. I'd recieved 60+ emails about badges that was apparently a glitch, and my profile finally loads and I see that I don't have any.

Then my profile won't load anymore at all.

And I can't post on the forums.

It won't let me log in half the time.

I can't find my way around at all.

And I keep getting this error message! D:

I want the old Inkpop back )':

- RahRahAnn


The new Inkpop doesn't like me -.-

It's slow. The forums are kind of dead. I can't find anyone to talk to! And my profile won't load! And it's so confusing! There doesn't seem to be any life! D:

Not sure I'm gonna like this at all. I might transfer to instead :P

Of to give it another go. Brb -.-

- RahRahAnn

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Authonomy Account! :D

Signed up today! :D

Yes, I know, the profile is long, but it twas fun to write! :D

I need a novel to put up...merf -.-

Anyway, yeah! Random post! :D

- RahRahAnn

Spider-Man Is Back! :D

Me is excited! :D

There's a new Spider-Man stageplay coming out soon! :D

Not that I'm gonna be there to see it, but still - awesome! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

*rushes off to listen to Rise Above again*

- RahRahAnn


Scamp has a Facebook page! :D

And I still don't -.-

AKA, anthropomorphic stuffed animal Scamp can play Farmville til he drops, and I can't -.-



Thanks! :D

- RahRahAnn

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Must...Have...Writing Sites!

These are sites I'm looking into:


- RahRahAnn

I Forgot The Poll! D:

- facepalms -

Okay. So, anyway! :D

Here are the results! :D

Sometimes It's Hard Not Being Superman - 5

Typically Abnormal - 2

Social Klutz - 1

Stereotypology - 1

Unstoppable - 5

Tie! :D

Now I just need to write the story :D

- RahRahAnn

I Need Writing Sites!

Inkpop is down. Until the 16th. And guess what?


Sooooo I'm researching for other teen writing sites to hang out on until the new Inkpop is up and running, but I can't find any I like :\

Suggestions? :D

- RahRahAnn

My Inspiration Comes In The Form Of A Silver-Haired Clone! o:


He. Is. Awesome.

And I just posted about this AFI song I love, called Prelude 12/21. I first listened to it on a tribute video for a game character. Now, Kadaj isn't the game character on the video, BUT he was in it, and this song and thinking of him COMBINED just game me some awesome inspiration! :D

So I'm listening to the song over and over and over and trying my best to write something! I hope it works! D:

Updates coming! :D

- RahRahAnn

Monday, June 13, 2011


Word just got in that Inkpop is shutting down until further notice until the new site is up. We here at PCEP will keep you posted for further updates.

*shuffles papers around on desk until camera cuts*

Yeah. So.


I be...Inkpopless! D:

For a few days, anyway...until they put the new site up >.<

I haven't seen it yet, except a pic of the homepage HarperCollins posted on their blog, but it looks totally different! D:

Not sure if I'll like it - others have been saying the new design isn't as good as the old one...


But the countdown until the new Inkpop only says 20 hours! So that's good! Originally, it was until the 16th! :D

And now I'm bored .-.

Onions promised to spam me during the blackout, though >:}

- RahRahAnn

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New HeyScamp Episode On Youtube! :D

Yes - feel the wrath >:}


Please o.o

Here's le linky! :D

 And maybe drop a comment while you're there ;)

Oh, and subscribe! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

- RahRahAnn

Friday, June 10, 2011

Who Here Speaks Pheonix? :D

I'm speaking Pheonix Rising on the Inkpop forums! :D

Pheonix Rising is a language consisting of words like "blargh" and "pfft" and "mewl", created by our own Pheonix Rising! :D

It's fun :D

I was also speaking Bulgarian...thank goodness for Google Translate! :D

- RahRahAnn

Making The HeyScamp Show! :D

We're coming up to the third episode of HeyScamp! :D

First, we start off with the idea - it's usually inspired by Scamp (he's real :D)!

Then we do the script! :D Normally it's one sheet of paper.

Then we go outside to film :D Sometimes we have to wait a while because the sun won't be cooperating :P

Then the video is exported from the Flip and loaded into my brother's computer, where he animates with my direction (not really).

Then the videos are exported to our compositing program, Avid! :D

And w add music, if necessary (we have a keyboard :D

Then we do the audio (my department), export AGAIN, then upload to Youtube! :D

- RahRahAnn

In Desperate Need Of Twitter Followers! D:

I have abandoned my Twitter page ;__;!/rahrahann

And now I feel bad about it...soooooo followers? :D

Ignore the picture, by the way - I have no flattering angles -.-

Anyway, thanks! I will follow in return! :D

- RahRahAnn

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Can't Believe I Changed My Avatar O.O

THIS has been my iconic Inkpop avatar since I joined :D

And THIS is what I've changed it to! :D

Lol - I made it myself! :D

*is proud*

- RahRahAnn

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wags The Duck! :D

This is Wags! :D

He's the other one of the ducks (the other being Daisy: :D

He's awesome - and really loud! :D

- RahRahAnn

Yay! Votes! :D

Two votes so far! :D

Two for "Sometimes It's Hard Not Being Superman" and two for "Unstoppable"! :D

Thanks for voting! :D

- RahRahAnn

Monday, June 6, 2011

23 Is An Odd Number...As Are These Facts! :D

1. I hate to and partially refuse to write girl characters, even though I'm a girl XD

2. I LOVE Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, The Spectacular Spider-man, and Power Rangers RPM <3

3. I try to avoid saying things like "epic" or "fail" but end up using them anyways - bahahaha :D

4. I barely watch Pokemon but I have a big fluffy Pikachu doll ^_^

5. I <3 stuffed animals - mostly the realistic ones :D

6. I lurve old movies like the Andy Hardy series :D

7. I stink at writing mysteries/action but I love Magnum, PI :DDDDDDD

8. I need to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's one of these days but I've only seen the beginning so far...once you watch the A-Team it's hard seeing George Peppard out of Hannibal mode - lol :D

9. I bump threads. Constantly.

10. I free read like a G6 but sometimes I forget to comment >.<

11. I've never heard the G6 song and I don't intend to because I hate it. Period.


13. I draw My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters, because they and the show are adorable :D

14. Emo guys are awesome but I am not emo :D


16. I love to read. I shall read anything. Even chick lit.

17. I have made it one of my life goals to find a situation in which to say "This is Sparta" or scream "For Narnia", though I have never seen the 300 movie.

18. I am a secluded home-schooler who has no social life outside of Inkpop O.O


20. I'm learning how to skateboard. But I always fall off.

21. Some of my favorite foods include cake, cookies, ginger ale, pepper, cupcakes, ice cream, and corn beef hash.

22. I tend to listen to songs on repeat a heck of a lot, until I'm sick of them.

23. I want to be a writer with a famous YA series of Hank Zemeckis and company! :D

Beware: My Crappy Exert -.-

Fair warning - it's awful. And now that I've said that, you can not blame me for the brutal stinging of your eyeballs -.-

It became evidently clear that something was dramatically wrong when I walked into homeroom to see not Mr. Henderson at the chalkboard, but a new, short, fair-haired woman in a knitted cardigan (despite the weather), hovering about the room. The students who were already there had chosen their seats and were waiting patiently for attendance to begin, while the teacher – whoever she happened to be – was socializing with the peers.
I did not know who this woman was, but she obviously believed that she was at a country club or something other of the sorts than a high school homeroom, and this placed a rather disgruntled bee in my bonnet quite quickly.
Mr. Henderson did not socialize with the students. He called us hoodlums and announced our names with the characteristics of a dead body and obviously could not wait to exit the room. That is the way it had always been, and that was they way I liked it.
This person, however, was instantly ruining the mojo. And she definitely looked like one of those people who pretended to be nice but really weren't, because she wasn't even smiling as much as she was grimacing, unless that was her sorry attempt at a friendly facial movement.
In homeroom, the seating is a bunch of desks with two chairs at each of them, all through the room. You do not get to chose who you sit with unless you are fast. I chose a seat in the middle of the class, with the wall at my side, and promptly moved my red and silver backpack to the seat next to mine. This did not at all go unnoticed, because the new teacher – I now noticed she'd scrawled over the entire blackboard “Mrs. Tanner” – speared me with feral eyes immediately and began to make her way towards me.
I held my ground and kept a pleasant look, staring straight ahead at her lovely penmanship. I wondered whether or not to comment on that, because even I could not deny such a person their handwriting, but, while I was being my indecisive self, she paused by my desk.
“Mr. Zemeckis,” she told me, somehow having known my name, “what might your backpack be doing up here?” Oh, questions, questions, first day on the job.
“Well,” I began, “it is hardly a very high 'up', Mrs. Tanner. And I am saving this seat for a bosom friend. I would quite dislike it if someone whose company I'd much rather do without were to plant their tush here.”
She summoned a tight-lipped smile to her tight-lipped mouth. It was quite entertaining to watch the skin around her mouth stretch as if she'd never smiled before – that, actually, probably wasn't too far off, I imagined, though I rather smartly kept my imagination to myself.
Because her well-forced smile, the kind adults tend to give when they believe they are proving you wrong, was, as a matter of fact, quite intimidating!
“Mr. Zemeckis,” she said again, and let her index finger tap my backpack, “it appears that this 'friend' of yours will not be joining us this morning. So perhaps you would –”
The loud bang from across the classroom at first led me to believe that our wonderful homeroom door had randomly combusted. Inspection revealed that it was still intact and had been thrown open with gusto, smacking against the wall that held its door frame which said door was forever bound to. I gave Mrs. Tanner a somewhat smug smile and moved my backpack to my lap.
It is a strict, well-known, and common rule that we students are not allowed to run in the classrooms or halls, and dear Robert did just that. He quite literally skidded to a stop in front of Mrs. Tanner with a humorous expression mirroring surprise as to why she did not move an inch to avoid an unflattering collision – he flung himself into the now vacant chair beside me to barely miss smacking into her, this being an interesting feat that I quite enjoyed being a witness to.
“Good show, good man, good show,” I went.
Mrs. Tanner's smile had disappeared by now and she peered at us over her very prim spectacles. I smiled back and Bob muttered a sheepish, “Good morning, Mrs. Tanner” while refusing to make eye contact, and this seemed to satisfy her enough to release us from her web. Eying us once more with a look I could only interpret as a warning, she left us to ourselves and went to find other flies to chew on.
“I do say,” I decided, “she will be a tricky one.”
And so we sat there, smugly, together, carrying an air such as two kings next-in-line to the throne of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. This was because, under normal circumstances, it was not wise for us to sit together during classes of any kind. The teachers interspersed us and the rest of our gang at considerable intervals throughout the classrooms, ensuring that we kept our attention spans on schoolwork and did not cause trouble.
They are content to keep us separated, and that shalt not do. Substitutes, however, are quite fun, because most do not heed the warnings of the school's more experienced and allow the students to sit where we like.
The rest of homeroom went by like a breeze. We passed through attendance and then Mrs. Tanner, who had only arrived that morning and was quite set on possessing us, gave a little speech about Summer vacation and the dos and don'ts to maintain our natural teenaged innocence. I didn't hear much of it, for Bob was drawing something in his binder and would not allow me to see it, which led to me wrestling it from him while Mrs. Tanner had raised her nose in the air and could not see us, and it turned out to be his truck with added weapon mounts and flames dispersing from its rear.
And then, when all was said and done, the bell rang and Mrs. Tanner excused us, and so we left to fill the halls with our presence.
“I wouldn't mind you two acting like children so much,” Sophia said as she joined us by our particular row of blue lockers, “if you didn't do it so often, and in school, of all places!”
“Lass, we are simply expressing our integrity,” Bob announced with a sweep of one arm.
“There's a difference,” Sophia tossed back, “between integrity and stupidity.”
“Ah, yes. But our integrity – consistency of character, I might add – is unexplainable,” I added, philosophical, and opened my locker to retrieve my history books. “We are a mystery of science. Henceforth, we can not be classified.”
And Bob and I got to high-fiving, although he probably had no idea what I had just said. He is one of my best mates regardless, though. He has dark brown hair and chocolate eyes and works out as well, and even speaks with a Brooklyn accent that all the other chaps at school more or so are jealous of.
Sophia shook her head and gave up, her wavy black curls bouncing around her shoulders. “Fine – whatever. Do you guys have plans later?”
“Well, well, well, look who's so curious,” I quipped, rather unsmartly. ““Don't get me wrong, as much as your growing fixation with us rather flatters me, I must ask you to stop perpetually stalking me. And I must be going to our next class now, so please do not watch me walk away – it's disturbing.”
This was apparently the very last straw for Sophia, even so very early on in the morning, and she turned to huff away. We did not attempt to follow her because we knew quite well that it would only make matters worse, and instead went about retrieving our books.
“I say,” I said, once finished, “what are our plans?”
“Don't ask me!”
“Well, then! You, sir, are of no help!” I decided, and promptly closed my locker door. We then began to walk the halls in search of history class. “And please restrain your female – her obsession with me is becoming quite unhealthy.”
“That I will, but you yourself aren't so subtle either.”
“And now I have just enough reasons to suspect that you are mentally impaired. My, my, the days of youth – what have they done to you?”
“All I'm saying, my man, is that you bait her,” he said in a very matter-of-fact tone.
“Allow me to admit you to the looney bin with Bronx. I in no way have ever, ever baited your girlfriend – my devilish good looks and charm have nothing to do with this, so please do not bring them into it.”
“Phaha – whatever helps you sleep at night.”
“If you had as much smarts as you did contractible organs, you would be positively brilliant! Muscles for brains will only get you so far, you know!”
“As I'm aware of, although that is why I intend to borrow your spectacular cranium for next semester.” And he proceeded to grab me in a headlock to prove this statement. “I understand you wouldn't mind terribly, correct?”
“You are insufferable,” I informed him, and wriggled out from his grasp. By now we had received our fair share of odd looks from many bystanders.
“Ah, why, thank you – I shall cherish that thought.”
“I'm sure you shall – it's been said enough times! Now, speak of the lad, what say we go visit Bronx once we are ultimately released?”
“Why, that would be boss. Two o'clock?”
“Two o'clock.”
By now we had reached our class. Quite a bit ago, actually, but we'd been standing outside the door for a few moments because it is not wise to speak inside of Mr. Greyson's history classroom unless you are spewing time lines and ancient facts, but no one remembers those anyway, and thus the room is mostly silent.
Since, afterwards, I had my advanced classes to attend, we quickly agreed to meet at lunch and filed into the class. We took our seats – in far-away lands at opposing ends of the class, wherever Mr. Greyson's eyes directed us – and cooperated. For a short time, at least.

Comments, please! C:

Did you see that? That twas a cheesy smile C:

- RahRahAnn

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another New Poll! :D

So, yeah - basically, I NEED A TITLE. Those up on the poll are the one's I've come up with, and I need to choose one! :D

Please do not steal the titles or the evil cupcakes will commence for justice >:}

Anyway, please vote! :D

- RahRahAnn

New Poem! :D

Purple bruises and black eyes,
because you just had to fight that guy!
Sword fights, karate, RPGs,
busted arms and scraped-up knees

The one I loved,
and you chased off
Sixteen years old, trading Pokemon cards
Rambo flicks and movie nights;
park raids, sunshine, epic kites

Invader Zim's still cool,
and let's say that dogs drool too!
But don't take this too personally -
your crazy ninja cat needs to chill!

Barking, cheering, violent applause;
too-big sound systems and RC cars
Fake IDs and getting busted -
another scheme I shouldn't have trusted!

Checkers, coke, and late game nights;
first downs, chips, and friendly fights
Songs unfinished, that we sing too loud
`til we run out of words,
or get kicked out!

Lame quotes, courtesy of lamer sites -
"I know you are, but what am I?"
Climbing trees and plunging out
Stumbling, tripping, falling down

Guys, there's something I must confess -
you don't want to hear this, but we're a mess!

It's about my character Hank and his two crazy friends XD

Yup - they're sixteen years old and THAT is what they do in their spare time. I lurve my charries ^_^

Opinions? :D

- RahRahAnn

Poll Two Is Done! :D

The poll was this: Do You Have Crazy Friends? :D

And these are the results ^_^

Yes: one

No: zero

Define crazy :P: one

I don't want to talk about it >.<: zero

All of the above :3: three

Bahahaha - good to know! :D

And now I shall post the poem ^_^

If you don't know what poem it is, I mentioned it a while ago :P

It be crappy >.<

But I'll post it anyway! :D

- RahRahAnn

Friday, June 3, 2011


I haven't blogged in...too long ;__;

Meh - I feel bad now :P

Buuuuuut Ritz and I are still having fun with the story! She says I can be the co-author! :D


Colin can't sing, though - he thinks he's awesome, but <_< >_> *whispers* he's not >.<

If you don't already know about this book (probably not :P) I'll bet you're thinking WHAT THE HECK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?!!!!!!!!!!!


Well - on Inkpop, a fellow Inkie named Ritz and I have been planning a story! An emo guy story, because there seriously aren't many of them out there :P

Anyway, it's about this guy named Lys (he's Ritz's :D), and he and his crazy, best, and only friend Colin (mine - stay away XD) run off to get away from stuff for a while.

*SPOILER ALERT* There will be punchies >:}

Colin: What the heck are punchies again? :P


Colin: Oooooh, yeah - right. You and your fight scenes :P

Yesh...right -.-

Anyway, so, yeah! Check out her blog (I also be her blog stalker >:]) to read what she's written so far! :D

Maybe even drop a comment ;)

So, yup! That's all for today, sadly >.<

I shall be back to blogging tomorrow! :D

- RahRahAnn