Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Murdock Again :}

Murdock is flaking out on the sidewalk right now :D

Just thought I'd post this widdle tid-bit and reuse yesterday's pic and boost my post count, lol :D


So, yeah - bai! :D

- RahRahAnn

Monday, July 25, 2011

Murdock!!! :D

The squirrel, not the pilot - lol :D

Sorry for the quality - twas filmed through the front door. But Murdock's extreme awesomeness makes up for it! :D

As you can see, lazy squirrels are quite funny :D

- RahRahAnn


Okay - yes, I did win, along with three other people :D

I entered one of the writing contests on Inkpop as a commenter (because my writing skills are a little less than stellar at the moment, lol :D), and I WON!

That means I get four FREE books from HarperTeen! I'm so excited! :D

*does the worlds worst happy dance*

So. Now I have to chose books! Getting to it right away! :D

- RahRahAnn

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Latest Music Tastes :P

At the moment, I'm listening to Christmas 1915 by Celtic Thunder, because, besides AFI, they're my all-time favorite band :}

It's not even Christmas time. My summer vaca isn't even over. That is how much I love this song XD

It's so sad! D:

Oh, blargh - don't make me cry, song :P

Lol :}

Anyway, I wasted about half an hour of my life the other day Googling around for this other song - Yours Forever by The Generationals. All I had were two lyrics to go by - "you're in my heart", and "anyone will tell you we'll be together", the latter of which isn't even the real lyric! o:

So, yeah. Finally, I succeeded. Persistence, persistence. And I am proud :}

Yup! Listening to Celtic Thunder and lazing around...THAT is my life right now. Who's jealous? Bahahahaha :D

- RahRahAnn

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yup! And there he is :D

I copied a picture from this awesome book I got from the library on Spider-man. Actually, I was originally going to be drawing Spider-man, buuuuuuuuuuut the Goblin was too awesome to resist XD 

Meh...yeah, I know, it's not very realistic, but I'm pretty happy with it, because it didn't take hours like my drawing normally does these days! :D
Plus, I'm afraid to edit it. When I edit my drawings I usually mess something up XD

Anyway, yesh - Spidey's next! =D

- RahRahAnn

Going Through Old Writings Is Fun! :D

Oh, man. I was just reading over one of my old Hank stories O.O

I've changed everything so much XD

In fact, I think I'll go through my notebooks, too, and read some of my other stuff! It could be fun! I was actually thinking of continuing my Breakfast Club not-so-much-knock-off :D

Hm...this is sort...

I'll make a new post right away XD

- RahRahAnn

Friday, July 15, 2011

This Is Twinkle! :D

Meet Twinkle - my imaginary puppy of some sort of breed XD

I actually just got a model from Poser (awesome program, when it isn't crashing :P) and colored it green, then changed the background in GIMP :D

As you can see, he's very cute and very colorful. And I think he wants a hug. Huggies for Twinkle, anyone? :D

Hm...what do Twinkles eat, anyway? O.O


Cupcakes 8D

~feeds Twinkle cupcakes~

Bahahaha - this is so random XD


~goes to take Twinkle for a walk~

- RahRahAnn

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Songs To Adore >:}

Right now I'm going to listen to Black Veil Brides. And I'm positive it will be awesome :D

I've never heard anything of theirs before o.O

I'm going to say Ritz (if you don't know who she is, SHAME!!!!!!! Lol :D) is my mutual friend here. As in, she introduced me to BVB. Kinda. I mean, I knew about them before (I even have one of my characters obsessed with them and a very close likeness to Andy Sixx 8D), but I never really listened to them.

But now Ritz has me ultra-curious, and I'm just building up tension here XD


*goes to Myspace to listen*

Oh! Lol - their make-up is pretty cool ;)


*flutters fingers and goes about choosing song*

Just put "Die For You" in my queue o.o

Okay, am I a bit pathetic here? o.O

Yeah. I am. But I'm so freaking tired, so I have an excuse -.-

*unpauses song, then pauses it again*

My volume isn't up XD

*increases volume, but keeps it low*

Mixed company - some don't enjoy the music I do XD


*unpauses song again*

Okay. I'm listening to it right now and they sound NOTHING like I thought they would! But they're still awesome! :D

*goes to listen to Gunsling*

I need to get writing too :P


- RahRahAnn

Monday, July 11, 2011

Twitter! Expanding My Following Horizons! :D

Been back on my Twitter page, trying to get some life back into it :D

Following two new people: Reeve Carney (because of Spider-man, duh XD), and Andy Sixx. I've gotta listen to BVB sometime soon, though :D
It's odd...never heard one of his songs, but I'm following him XD

Oh, well - been admiring his hair for a while now XD
- RahRahAnn

Vlogging? Herm...

I think I'll just sign up for an account and post some crap videos every now and then :P

Crap videos without me in them XD

Because it's the whole "being displayed on video for all to see and laugh at" thing that's holding me back from doing the vlog >.<

*whacks self over the head with a large club*



So, yeah! It sounds like a plan to me! :D

I can also comment on those hilarious videos I love so much. All...hm... *counts on fingers* I think five of them XD

But, hey, I've been watching and re-watching them for ages - might as well get around to commenting, right? :D

- RahRahAnn

A Boy Just Fell From The Sky o.o

Okay, maybe not XD

But I'm listening to "Boy Falls From The Sky" right now. I love, love, love Reeve Carney's voice. It's got sort of a Don Henley sound to it :D

Speaking of Don Henley...did I mention "The Boys Of Summer" is an awesome song? I need to listen to it o.o

Like, right after this song.

It's almost over.

Just about a minute of awesomeness left 8D

Gonna go add that song to my queue - choi! :D

And watch me pop back in, like, fifteen minutes XD

- RahRahAnn

Bleep, Blap, Bloop! Stuffs! :D

Listening to "Pull The Trigger" from Turn Off The Dark - it's awesome 8D

Okay...eventually this Spider-man thing will wear off. After, like, a two-year obsession XD




*calms self*

Okay. Now that I've got that out, I've just been doing the usual :D


Forum lurking.

Listening to a certain soundtrack :P

Ooh, and writing! I typed up a 10-page stageplay yesterday! :D

It's really lame XD

But Celtx is awesome! :D

I'll be popping out now! :D





- RahRahAnn

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vlog? o.o

Not doing much today...hm...must sound interesting o.o

Okay! So, as of now, I'm multi-tasking. I'm lurking the forums on Inkpop, deciding what to do with my blog (I practically live on here :P), and stalking one of my all-time favorite YouTubers XD

Hm...speaking of YouTube, I'm thinking about vlogging ;)

Of course, that would mean people would actually have to LOOK at me. So I'm not sure it would work. Maybe I should start wearing glamor make-up. Or make-up in general. To get rid of the whole, you know, unflattering looks thing :P

No. I'll stick with my paper bag. My paper bag never lets me down.


Anyway. Yesh. Vlogging. I'd get an account, comment on my fave videos (which are, actually, lip-syncing videos XD), and post some random crap. If people scrolled down the page so they wouldn't have to watch and only listened, then it could work! =D



I'll figure something out XD

Actually, I only like three of the millions of YouTube channels out there. No names, though, in case they were to track me down and sue XD If I do ever get off my lazy butt and get a YouTube account, they'll be in my faves - just look there XD

So, yeah. Anyway. Popping out now. Got to go stalk more XD

- RahRahAnn

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Herp Derp - What To Blog? :P

I'll just write about my day! :D

Okay. So, first of all, went to the library this morning! Most kids books are utter crap (no joke :P) for me, so I stacked up on Hardy Boys! :D

Oooooh, and I got an awesome book on Spider-man 8D

Bear with me on the Spider-man thing. My obsessions come and go a lot :P 



And I've started a Spider-man drawing! >:}



Sowwie >.<

Aaaaaaand I played Little Big Planet (grrrrrr, doing levels with no lives lost is HARD! >:c). And then, after that I quit (I do actually somewhat have a life XD), and watched Tom Sawyer on my all-time favorite channel, TCM :D

It's an awesome movie o.o

Anyway, yeah! And now I'm here! :D

I should pop over to Inkpop...I've been AWOL pretty much all day :P

Byes for now! :D

~skitters out~

- RahRahAnn

Tell Me...Is It BAD To Rock Out To Broadway Soundtracks? o.O

Possibly. Quite possibly XD

Anyway, working with Celtx again. Trying to write my first script, but I have no idea what to write! D:

I want to do a Spider-man thing. That would be awesome. But I have no idea how to make it original, or how to start :P

I've got my MC's name, though! :D


Jesse. And Darko. Darko, as in, like, Donnie Darko. Never seen the movie, but I adore the name o.o

There's a lot of stuff that I have to figure out with this program >.< Script-writing stuff, and movie terms like "parenthetical".

I'm so ignorant :P

Anyway, back to reading the help manual. Tis confusing :P

- RahRahAnn

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Stage Is Calling Me 8D

I am now in love with Broadway.

Okay. So, yeah. Stageplays and musicals have always excited me and been a pretty big interest, but now? Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark has probably single-handedly transformed me into a stage geek.

Like I mentioned before, I've been listening to the soundtrack all day. I have come to the conclusion that Reeve Carney is truly Spider-man/Petey in real life and can shoot webs and do other spectacular things.

And, yes, lovelies, pun intended.

If you obsessively watched a certain animated series like I did last year, I'm sure you'll get it ;)

But still. I am once again listening to "Rise Above 2" (which is the original song - not the epic U2 remix) and I must say that T. V. Carpio did positively perfectly. Her voice could melt an entire audience like ignorant sugar lumps in a cup of hot tea. Reeve as well.

Since I don't live in New York, or even remotely in the area of Broadway, I'll wait for the musical to be posted online. Meanwhile, I'll get to work with Celtx and try to write my own superhero screenplay.

I downloaded it today. It's even free! A little hard to understand, but the help manual is doing its duty nicely :)

I shall be off now. "Rise Above 2" is playing again and I'm having a splendid conversation with a good friend of mine :D

Ta ta! :D

- RahRahAnn

Spiderman, Rain, And Raccoons...Wow o.o

Raining again today! D:

It's cleared up a bit now though :D

There was a raccoon parading across the yard this morning. It was wet so its fur was spiked up and it looked fairly ridiculous, though XD

Observe :D

Twas filmed through a wet window, so the quality isn't so good :D

Aaaaaaand I've been listening to the Broadway soundtrack for Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark. It's pretty awesome ;)

~coughs~ As are all things Spider-man.

At the moment I have Rise Above 1 and Rise Above 2 on loop. I guess Rise Above 1 is sort of a remix :D

They're both awesome. I just heard Rise Above 2 for the first time earlier this morning, and didn't like it at first. It sounded like something I'd hear in a Tinkerbell movie XD

But I love it now! :D

So, yeah! That's about it! :D

- RahRahAnn

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Inkpop Writing Contest! :D

I didn't join the last few...didn't have anything for them :/

I might join this one, for the heck of it :D

It could be fun. I only joined one other one (my first!) and lost ;-;



Anyway, yeah...just thought I'd blog that! :D

- RahRahAnn

~yawns~ Wait...What? O____O

Meh...how many bad nights in a row? -.-

Woke up feeling like crap this morning. Again. It's actually becoming very annoying.  I stumble around for a bit and try to wake myself up, then my mom tells me to go back to bed XD

Usually I'm stupid and don't because I feel sicky afterwards -.- *smacks self upside the head*

Anyway...yeah. I'm up at, like, two o'clock in the morning and I'm not even making funny videos during that time :P

I should be. Great way to kill the time instead of filling my brain with story ideas I'll probably never get around to writing XD

Hm o.o

~contemplates making one of those funny 2 o'clock in the morning videos~

Nah XD

- RahRahAnn

Some People Don't Like AFI's New Look...I Say Get Over It XD

Newsflash: AFI is still AFI, no matter what. Crash Love is just as awesome as Decemerunderground, or any other their other albums! :D

They're still an awesome band, people! And these people are saying they're "die-hard fans", and yet they ditch them just because they change their look, and a bit of their style! D:

All that matters is the music. And Davey's voice 8D


What's that accent he has? Irish, I believe? Well, yeah. Call me a sucker, but, though I adore Celtic Thunder to my utmost ability, they have themselves some serious competition. Davey's voice is like the creamiest moca latte in the world. Like, the center of a Three Musketeers chocolate bar. Getting what I'm saying here?

Alrighty, then. Listen to Okay, I Feel Better now and see what I mean.

Then listen to ...But Home Is Nowhere, and listen to someone actually scream and growl on key.


That's what I'm doing right now. Because AFI can always cheer me up. I was sick practically allllllll night and I'm sooooooo tired >.<

But, anyway, yeah. AFI rocks. Old or new. And, yes, Crash Love is an AWESOME album! :D

- RahRahAnn

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Awesome Names? :D

Here's one for you: RANDY ROMANCE.

It's probably fake, but seriously - double R's and everything o______________o

Not sure if I've gushed about this yet, but a couple weeks ago I was obsessed with this song called "Storms" by November Blessing. November Blessing is a one-man-band (kinda...y'know, like Secondhand Serenade :D) that consists of Randy Romance.


And Romance.

Randy, meet Romance. Combine. Be an awesome name. I beg chu o.o


Okay, that was weird. But I'm just filling up blog space XD 

Um...the end o.o

- RahRahAnn

Hardy Boys o_o

My unhealthy obsession >:}

New books coming out! And what are they?
Three of them are the new trilogy of the Undercover Brothers series, Deathstalker. They're called Movie Menace, Movie Mission, and Movie Mayhem! 


And another one in ~gasps~ a Nancy Drew series. I've never read a Nancy Drew book all the way through, though. I'm sure they're great, but I tried one and it was lacking in fist fights :P

Anyway, it's called Together With The Hardy Boys. It's another cross-over. They do that a lot XD

But this one is one of the anime ones >:}

Well, the cover kind of looks anime...both the Hardy Boys (and, I think, Nancy Drew) have a couple series like that :D

Frank has super spiky hair on this one XD

`Tis funny >:}

Anyway, yeah. Enough of my gushing XD

Time to go stalk Amazon again o.o

- RahRahAnn

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Notice Anything Different? >:}

I redesigned the blog today! :D


And you can see what it looks like now XD

So. Anyway, I've been stalking TCM.com and Tom Sawyer (the musical! :D) is going to be on Saturday. I'm definitely watching! :D

I might have (probably not :P) mentioned that I read Tom Sawyer a couple weeks ago. I'm reading Huck Finn now. I think Tom Sawyer was a little bit better, from what I can tell so far, but it's still good! :D

Speaking of books, read an awesome one last week. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. It was witty and sophisticated >:}

Okay, maybe not. Lot of boy humor - Tom Swifties about cutting off limbs and stuff.

Is is bad that I thought it was hilarious?  o_o

Anyway, erm...started reading another book called Shelf Life a couple days ago. It's pretty good! Not as humorous as Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, though :P

A little bit of content to skim over, too.

But not too bad. And still a great read for getting a few chapters in before bed :D

I'm also reading an Agatha Christie book - it's called Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective. It's awesome. Me loves mystery stories >:}

Speaking of mysteries, there are some new Hardy Boys books out! Whooooo! Can never get enough of those! :D

And...hm...not much else to say XD

I've been stalking Inkpop, as usual. And writing. Oh! I wrote another chapter for Road Rage - I think I might actually make it into a book! :D

Okay. Done now. Back to Inkpop stalking! :D

- RahRahAnn

Scamp All Dressed Up :D

Scamp is being a diva -.-

Bahahahaha! :D

In light of Pink Caps & Epic Shades, I managed to persuade him to wear the alleged cap and shades :D

Quite hilarious XD


He might not be aware that I'm posting these pictures, though >:}

- RahRahAnn

Ohhaithere, Daisy XD

This is Daisy again, giving the camera an indignant look XD

And here she is again, drinking from her fine china :D

She's a wee spoiled. Lol :D

- RahRahAnn

Weird Fern Tree Growing In The Backyard o.O

It's pretty, though :D

And super tall o.o

Not quite sure where it came from or what it is...I think we'll be chopping it down soon, before it starts taking over XD

And for good measure, here's a premature (or whatever you call it in the fruit world :P) grapefruit from our beloved grapefruit tree! :D

Meh...not much else to post :P


Oooooh, yeah! Daisy pictures! :D

I'll make a new post and put them up right now! :D

- RahRahAnn

Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Scamp Pictures! :D

The last one is Scampers trying to be intellectual, or something like that XD

Lol! Anyway, this is the real Scamp - again! :D

We take pictures of him after he has a nice scented bath in the gold tub (aka, we chuck him in the dryer and he tries to kill us afterwards XD), so he's nice and clean :}

After a while, he gets pretty dirty and isn't allowed on the furniture until he's bathed XD


Hm...I should probably state that Scamp isn't a real dog - bahahaha XD

- RahRahAnn

New HeyScamp Episode! WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!

Here's the new episode of HeyScamp! :D


Watch, comment, subscribe - either one will make Scampy happy! :D

- RahRahAnn



He dyes his hair black. He likes his jeans skinny. He's moody, cynical, and mega-sarcastic.  He loves cookies, random road trips, and Ritz ;)

The crackers or the person? Har har, hehe >:}

Inside jokes rock.

She'll kill me when she sees this :P

Colin: Neon orange hair. Irish/Italian origins. Mad guitar skills, horrible singing voice, romantic talents that couldn't woo a Llama, and yeah - my best friend.

Slim pickings? Perhaps >:}

So, yeah. I've said this before, but Ritz13 is writing an awesome story about those guys up there! :D

They're awesome, funny, endearing, and oh yeah...

...completely fictional ;)