Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Songs To Adore >:}

Right now I'm going to listen to Black Veil Brides. And I'm positive it will be awesome :D

I've never heard anything of theirs before o.O

I'm going to say Ritz (if you don't know who she is, SHAME!!!!!!! Lol :D) is my mutual friend here. As in, she introduced me to BVB. Kinda. I mean, I knew about them before (I even have one of my characters obsessed with them and a very close likeness to Andy Sixx 8D), but I never really listened to them.

But now Ritz has me ultra-curious, and I'm just building up tension here XD


*goes to Myspace to listen*

Oh! Lol - their make-up is pretty cool ;)


*flutters fingers and goes about choosing song*

Just put "Die For You" in my queue o.o

Okay, am I a bit pathetic here? o.O

Yeah. I am. But I'm so freaking tired, so I have an excuse -.-

*unpauses song, then pauses it again*

My volume isn't up XD

*increases volume, but keeps it low*

Mixed company - some don't enjoy the music I do XD


*unpauses song again*

Okay. I'm listening to it right now and they sound NOTHING like I thought they would! But they're still awesome! :D

*goes to listen to Gunsling*

I need to get writing too :P


- RahRahAnn

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