Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Latest Music Tastes :P

At the moment, I'm listening to Christmas 1915 by Celtic Thunder, because, besides AFI, they're my all-time favorite band :}

It's not even Christmas time. My summer vaca isn't even over. That is how much I love this song XD

It's so sad! D:

Oh, blargh - don't make me cry, song :P

Lol :}

Anyway, I wasted about half an hour of my life the other day Googling around for this other song - Yours Forever by The Generationals. All I had were two lyrics to go by - "you're in my heart", and "anyone will tell you we'll be together", the latter of which isn't even the real lyric! o:

So, yeah. Finally, I succeeded. Persistence, persistence. And I am proud :}

Yup! Listening to Celtic Thunder and lazing around...THAT is my life right now. Who's jealous? Bahahahaha :D

- RahRahAnn

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