Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Notice Anything Different? >:}

I redesigned the blog today! :D


And you can see what it looks like now XD

So. Anyway, I've been stalking TCM.com and Tom Sawyer (the musical! :D) is going to be on Saturday. I'm definitely watching! :D

I might have (probably not :P) mentioned that I read Tom Sawyer a couple weeks ago. I'm reading Huck Finn now. I think Tom Sawyer was a little bit better, from what I can tell so far, but it's still good! :D

Speaking of books, read an awesome one last week. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. It was witty and sophisticated >:}

Okay, maybe not. Lot of boy humor - Tom Swifties about cutting off limbs and stuff.

Is is bad that I thought it was hilarious?  o_o

Anyway, erm...started reading another book called Shelf Life a couple days ago. It's pretty good! Not as humorous as Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, though :P

A little bit of content to skim over, too.

But not too bad. And still a great read for getting a few chapters in before bed :D

I'm also reading an Agatha Christie book - it's called Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective. It's awesome. Me loves mystery stories >:}

Speaking of mysteries, there are some new Hardy Boys books out! Whooooo! Can never get enough of those! :D

And...hm...not much else to say XD

I've been stalking Inkpop, as usual. And writing. Oh! I wrote another chapter for Road Rage - I think I might actually make it into a book! :D

Okay. Done now. Back to Inkpop stalking! :D

- RahRahAnn

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