Sunday, May 29, 2011

Details, Details, La La La :D

Reading: "The Misfits" by James Howe

Listening To: "Rise Above" by Reeve Carney and U2

Watching: My computer screen :P

Though I'd bore you with the details of what I've been doing today :D

I'm obsessed with that song. I love that book. And I enjoy stalking the Inkpop forums >:]

Which I really should get back to now :P

Popping out! :D

- RahRahAnn

I Know What My Problem Is >:]

Yesh - yesh, I do! :D

It seems that every time I have an idea these days, and I make it known, it fails. It's probably just me trying to live it up to expectations (low as they may be :P), and that takes the fun out of writing it.

Thus, I quit. And fail.

Sooooo, I've decided to just write, and not talk about it until I get a good muse! :D

Now I just have to learn to keep my mouth shut about story ideas :P

- RahRahAnn

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trailer Episode Of The Scamp Show! :DDDDDDDDD

 Trailer video for the show I mentioned earlier! :D

 I do the voice :3

Comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks! :D

- RahRahAnn

My Tifa Drawing! :D

This is my attempt at Tifa! :D

Yeah, I know, I didn't quite get it right :/

Tifa sort of has a heart-shaped face, and I'm not sure if I got the angles right . . . And, in the picture I was copying, she has a pony-tail . . . And I didn't color her in, either, because red eyes would look pretty strange XD

Well, anyway, I hope I did her at least a bit of justice! :D

Opinions? :D

- RahRahAnn

I Apologize! D:

. . . For not blogging today. Because I know my hundreds of viewers missed me XD

Anyway, Wags and Daisy were here this morning, like every day, and have gone nuts -.- I'm not kidding. Daisy was squeaking exceptionally loudly and Wags was huffing and puffing more than usual.

And he attacked the flowerbeds -.-

Moving on, I've lurked the Inkpop forums, and have even failed at writing again! :D

I was stalked by a mosquito as well -.-

Meh - I have nothing to talk about XD

Be back later! :D

- RahRahAnn

Polls Are Fun :D

Lol - so far, we have one vote for "all of the above".

Bahaha - wow XD

Hank's friends probably fall into that category, too - or maybe "I don't want to talk about it". Hank is embarrassed by them quite often O.O

- RahRahAnn

Friday, May 27, 2011

Grrrr . . .

You know what stinks? -.-

The highlight (the ONLY highlight, if you ask me) of the American Idol finale was the Superman song with U2. On American (since I don't have Youtube temporarily :P) has EVERY OTHER PERFORMANCE except that one >.<

It was up yesterday, but now it isn't :P

Of course, they kept Gaga and the others up. I almost cried in anguish through those -.-

- RahRahAnn

New Poll, Peoples! 8D

New poll! :D

So - who here has crazy friends? You? Yes, you! :D

Drop me a line about them in the comment box below - I need ideas for stories :3

I need:

- Crazy instances 8D

- Funny occurrences :D

- Anything random about them you can think of :P

Thanks! :D

- RahRahAnn

Poll Is Closed! :D

Okay - I only got two votes, but they were both for Tifa, so I've already done her picture! :D

I'll post it soon! :D

Time for a new poll! :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Don't Want To Jinx, But . . . :D

. . . I've started a new story! :D

Yeah, yeah - laugh -.-

But, seriously - I'm going to make this my priority, and I'm going to (try to :P) stick to it! :D

I'll go change my current word count status thingy! :D

- RahRahAnn

I Didn't Write -.-

Okay - I'm seriously pathetic >.<

And I haven't blogged enough today, either! I'm such a fail! D:


Well . . . anyway . . . the American Idol season finale was on last night. If you haven't seen it yet, I won't give away the winner :3

THIS was the highlight of the night, though. I could have fallen asleep through the rest - seriously -.-

Watch it. I'm in love with that song. And, yeah, I'm biased, because U2 is awesome, and, for a while there recently, Peter Parker WAS MY LIFE.

The Spectacular Spider-Man show, in other words :P

Not only does this guy (Reeve something) look like Peter Parker (only when he has short hair :P), but HE CAN SING. He and the U2 guys were awesome together :3

They should have won American Idol - bahahaha XD

- RahRahAnn

I Forgot To Blog Today! D:

Sorry, blog >.<

Anyway . . . I'm going to write! :DDDDDDDD

Yeah - I said that yesterday XD And I did . . . sort of >.< But I seriously mean it this time. I shall write like a mad person! >:D

And I might even go crazy doing it 8D

- RahRahAnn

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Lost My First Writing Challenge D:

I lost. All this waiting only to find out I lost >.<

Weeeeell, there's always going to be other writing challenges . . . there's one going on right now, but I'm not sure I have anything for it :P

Merf - I knew this was going to happen -.-

*slinks away to deepest, darkest corner*


Okay, maybe I'm not THAT disappointed. But still - hopefully I will prevail, eventually! :D

- RahRahAnn

Two For Tifa! :D

Two votes so far, and Tifa is winning! By two votes! :D

Bahahahaha XD

I should probably start drawing O.O

*rushes off to draw*

- RahRahAnn


Video of three otters swimming around near our place ^_^

Aaaaand a video of Wags, the duck who doesn't know how to quack - bahahaha :D

Commencing Day THREE Of Waiting . . .


Seriously . . . all I want is to see the results! That's it! I don't even care if I win anymore! I probably won't and all this waiting is only going to make it worse! D:

(Drama queen moment of the day :P)

So, yeah. I'm gonna wait . . . chill on Inkpop a little . . . stalk the contest thread . . . AND WRITE LIKE CRAZY 8D

8D <----- crazy face XD

I learned it on Inkpop from a wonderfully crazy person, and we be nuts together :D

I'm gonna go write now! I'll tweak my word count again when it's not still embarrassing ;)

- RahRahAnn

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I've started writing, and I'm gonna try to stick to this story, even if I hate it! :D

It's a test I wanna try. See if I can just go with the flow of whatever crap I type up, and who knows - maybe I'll like it when I'm done! :D

So I'm gonna post my current word count ^_^


Thanks! :D

*skips off to add word count*

- RahRahAnn

Blaaaaargh D:

I've been inactive online today >.<

I left Inkpop this morning but I forgot to sign out, so I now probably look like a jerk for not responding to my messages even though I was technically "on all day" D:

I haven't blogged since . . . this morning! D:

Still no results for the Inkpop contest -.-

I've been watching Bonanza, Regular Show, Courage The Cowardly Dog, and country music videos ALL DAY O.O

Except for Bonanza, I don't usually watch those . . . well, maybe music videos XD

More updates to come! :D

- RahRahAnn

Tuesday! After A Whole Day Of Waiting Yesterday . . .

. . . still no results! No fair! D:

Okay. So, I'm settling in for another day of waiting. Whee *is sarcastic*

Yesh, I'm being impatient. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT! This is my FIRST CHALLENGE! I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!

And all this waiting probably to be informed I didn't win - bahahahaha.

Hopefully we'll get something today! :D

- RahRahAnn

Monday, May 23, 2011

Waiting Patiently . . . I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!!!!

Oooooh, I'm so . . . impatient! D:

I've been waiting all day for the results >.<


Special thanks to Daughtofflight (an awesome Inkpop friend! :D) for commenting so nicely on my story! It means the world to me! :D

More updates to come! :D

- RahRahAnn

I've Only Posted Once Today O.O

That can't be right O.O

Lol - anyway, I'm waiting on contest results! :D

I entered a writing contest on Inkpop (my first! :D) and I'm waiting for them to announce the winners. I probably won't win, but I can't help but hope! :D

So, yup! As soon as the results come in (no matter what they are, but expect me to by cyber-crying O.O) I'll post them! :D

And if I do win . . . blargh O.O

Bahahaha! :D

(I end a lot of my posts that way XD)

- RahRahAnn

It Looks Like I'm Drawing Tifa! :D

So, according to my poll (special thanks to Munchers for voting :3), Tifa Lockhart is winning! :D

She happens to be one of my fave characters at the moment ^_^

Haven't seen/watched anything FFVII in a while - I'll have to draw from memory, so it might not be very good >.<

So far I have one vote, people! Anyone else want to vote? :D

- RahRahAnn

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! How Did This Slip By Me??????



So . . . epic.

Speaking of movies, King Kong is on. Not watching it this time, though - already seen it before and it bores me *yawns*

Should have started out with the ape/dinosaur fight scene, ditched whatever-her-name-is and most of the other characters, and focused solely on the violent doings of the giant monkey XD

Jack Black cracks me up in that movie - after seeing not even half of Kung Fu Panda (disliked it very much and left the room) and some of his other stuff, it's hilarious seeing him a photographer person in, like, the old days XD

Bahahahaha :D

- RahRahAnn

I Have A Poll! :D

Oooooooooh, speaking of polls, how about a vote, blog lurkers? :D

Even if you don't know who they are, look them up, or just click the name you like best! ^_^

I want votes because I want to draw one of these characters, but it's hard to choose. And those aren't even ALL the characters I want to draw - I just narrowed it down to them, because they're the hardest for me to draw :D

So . . . votes, please! :D

- RahRahAnn

This Is Fluttershy! :D

This is a drawing of Fluttershy, my favorite pony from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic :D

Not that I watch the show. Erm . . . O.O

Bahahahaha - anyway, it took forever to get her wings and eyes right :O

They still look strange :/

Oh well! I kinda like it as is! :D

- RahRahAnn

Zack And Reno All Dressed Up :3

Chibis! :D

This is Zack Fair and Reno of the Turks in chibi form ^_^

I bounce around with favorite characters and at the time those two were my faves, so I drew a bunch of these with them :D

Yeah - they're not in their usual uniforms, I know, but the caption (you can see the little [/] and [\] going up for it XD) says "Guess who I'm going as for Halloween?!".

In other words, they're dressing up as each other XD

That was my excuse for putting them in different uniforms, because I wanted to see what it would look like - bahahahaha :D

- RahRahAnn

My Zack The Puppy Drawing! Woof! :D

I tried drawing Zack Fair as an anime puppy! :D

Not sure how much it looks like him, but I think he's kinda cute :3

It took a bit to figure out how to put his armor and stuff on, and I debated whether or not to add shoes and his turtleneck.

Obviously, I decided against it, because dogs wear ARMOR, not SHOES AND SWEATERS! DUH! :D

Bahahahahaha XD

- RahRahAnn

Cloud Strife Headshot! :D

This is my picture of Cloud! :D

He looks scary O.O

Bahahahaha - it took ages to get his wild spikey Chocobo hair right! :D

I copied a snapshot from Advent Children for this. I had it as my desktop ^_^

I want to draw all the FFVII characters - I literally love them all, even the SHM! :D

(SHM: short for "Silver-haired men", a.k.a., Sephiroth and his clones, whom are all awesome in their own ways)

Lol - I hope I got his brooding expression right :3

- RahRahAnn

One Of My Dog Drawings! :D

I love dogs ^_^

So here I drew an American Pitbull! :D

It's not really finished yet - his eyes are creepy because I haven't colored anything in, or even added pupils yet XD

I wanted him to be white with black patches, like, maybe one over an eye and the opposite ear could be black. I kinda like it the way it is now, though :O

If it doesn't look realistic, it's because it was free-drawn. I wasn't copying anything and kinda had nothing to go by :)

- RahRahAnn

This Is What I Drew From An Online Tutorial! :D

I was looking at a bunch of awesome drawing tutorials on YouTube from this anime author Mark Crilley, and I found this one! :D

I happen to be a (*coughs* crazy obsessed *coughs*) fan of Zack Fair (GOOGLE HIM!!!!!), so, yeah, I tried following the tutorial! :D

That pic above is what I got from it ^_^

Yeah, I know - I didn't draw the Buster Sword >.< The original pic (in the video) didn't really reflect Zack at all, and had a different sword, so I added his arm and shoulder and armor, and a wing ^_^

Even though I don't think we ever see Zack with a wing O.O

But he said he wanted wings, so I gave him one ^_^ You're welcome, Zackie - lol! :D

Anyway, yeah - it's not great. The hand is too small and I need to work on my shading, but it was fun! :D

- RahRahAnn

Introducing Daisy! :D

This is Daisy - she's one of the two ducks who come to our place and stalk us for food XD

Up in the first pic she LOOKS like she's about to fly away. Wrong - she was just stretching her wings, and then she literally spent almost ten minutes preening *rolls eyes*

Lol - she flew in and landed on the railing XD

She doesn't even QUACK! She squeaks - it's funny XD

And the other duck, Wags, huffs and puffs O.O We're not sure they know how to quack - bahahahaha :D

- RahRahAnn

I Be An AFI-Aholic! :D

Who is AFI, you ask? Only possibly one of the awesomest bands EVER :D And if you're sitting here reading this and still wondering what makes this kick-butt band so special, please do the following:

Step One: LOOK `EM UP.

Step Two: Listen to "Prelude 12/21", because it's so fitting - it might be the first footsteps towards your new obsession!

Step Three: *optional* Indulge.

And if you already know who this band is and/or are an avid listener, congratulations. Pat yourself on the back and I shall give you each a nice, fuzzy alpaca, so long as he isn't made into a coat ._.

I have convinced myself that I absolutely NEED an AFI hoodie. But it's so stupid hot here I'd never wear it! D:

However, it would look awesome on my wall >:]

I want about a dozen of these, too! :D

I usually HATE t-shirts, though, unless they have those little cap sleeves. I live in tank tops - bahahahahaha :D

It could go on the wall, too ^_^

With this! :D

I neeeeeeeeeed that. Seriously. It would complete me <3

Obsessed, much? O.O

Bahahahaha! :D

- RahRahAnn

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Summer Reading List! :D

Summer vacation is coming! :D

Summer + exruciating heat + indoors + AC + books = ONE EPIC TIME

I abhor the outdoors during the Summer - bahahahahaha :D

There's nothing better to do then read, sooooo here are some books that I seriously need to check out :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

- the Percy Jackson series :D

- more Sweet Valley High: Senior Year books :D

- any decent chick lit I can get my hands on, because I'm beginning to find it entertaining, lol :D

- some classics. I love Tom Sawyer, Little Men, and Anne of Green Gables, and I need moooooore! :D


I'll probably add more as I go along! :DDDDDDD

- RahRahAnn

I Just Wrote A Dorky Poem! :D

I don't even know what to title it! :D

But it's dorky. It's about dorks. Dorky friends. Bahahahaha - I think it's about my characters Hank and company, because it has stupid things they would do :D

Like watching Invader Zim, even though they're sixteen :D

Not that that's bad. I've never really seen Invader Zim O.O

I guess I just kind of think it's a kiddie show - bahahaha :D

But then again . . . I watch The Backyardigans . . . and Winnie The Pooh . . . and they're even kiddier kiddie shows than Invader Zim O.O

Oh dear O.O

Bahahaha - let's not bring my problems into this XD

Anyway, I think I might post it on the story blog! :D



*discretely slips in shamelessly plugging link*

Here it is! :D

Bahahahaha - I be terrible XD

So, that's about it! :D

Getchya dork on, my peeps! :DDDDDDD

- RahRahAnn

I'm Thinking Of A Number! :D

10,000! :D

That's how many words I need until I can post my first book on Inkpop! :D

Quota: 10,000

Current Status: 0

O.O That's so depressing!!!!

So, yeah - right there on the side bar there should be my writing info! I'll put it up there to motivate myself, and it will list my word count until I get to 10,000 :D

But first I have to start the book @..@

Please, pay no attention to the big fat zero - it'll get better XD

- RahRahAnn

Fresh Off The Presses! :D

Those are the stories I've printed off so far this year! :D

The green one be heavy @..@

Bahahahaha - I still want to fill up the purple one, though! :D

- RahRahAnn

I Can't Get Inkpop Out Of My Head! Bahahahaha! :D

I be lurking the Inkpop forums! :D

I'm actually supposed to be taking time off Inkpop, though XD I've been on there NIGHT AND DAY since I joined earlier this year and it's starting to interfere with my writing - I want to get my muse back so I can try to write my first book! :3

This is me! :D

I be an Inkpop-aholic - bahahahahaha :D

I formed a club called the Pink Panthers and now it's currently being run by Pheonix Rising! :D

Speaking of Pheonix, look her up on Inkpop and check out Retro-Specter ;)

Bahahahhaha, shameless plugging XD

Soooooo, anyway, that's about it! I'll have to fight the growing urge to ambush Inkpop (I'll still be on, of course, but not so often) and hopefully get my book started/finished! :D

- RahRahAnn

Video! :D

Video sample from a web show in the making! :D

I'm writing for it ^_^ 

- RahRahAnn

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stay Or Go, by Francine Pascal (Book Review!)

This book is from the Sweet Valley High: Senior Year series - I picked it up after reading Road Trip from the same series! :D

- Plot:

Oh my - so many >.<

Okay. So, I think the main plot was centered around Jeremy deciding whether to move with his family to Arizona, or stay for his senior year and join them after graduation. Then there was another one with Will, who is working at the same place where Ken's father (Ken has taken his place on the football team after Will's injury) works, and discovers something sketchy. Conner and Alanna have a little plot in there too :D

There's a heck of a lot going on in this book! Lol :D But I think the author pulled it off well, merging the storylines together and keeping them fairly easy to keep apart :D

- Characters:

I don't mind most of the characters. I like Jeremy and Conner and Trent and Ken and Will . . . Maria is cool too :D I dislike pretty much all of the other girl characters, though. They're whiny and annoying, especially Jessica.

She was portrayed as selfish and needy. While Jeremy was having a hard time making his decision, she was also giving him a really hard time about him possibly leaving her specifically, as if the rest of his friends don't even matter.

Once Jeremy said:

"We just finished fighting over all that college stuff, and I thought you understood that you matter. What am I going to have to do to prove to you how much you mean to me, Jess?"

 He hadn't told her that he might be considering staying with a friend until graduation because he didn't want to get her hopes up. Oh, how terrible of him *rolls eyes*

Ack - sorry >.< Rant over.

- Flow:

As I said, the author did an awesome job meshing everything. I love the writing style of these books for that very reason, and it doesn't really get slow anywhere :D

- Overall:

Great book - I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not particularly a chick-lit reader so I wasn't sure about this series at first, but after two books Pascal has me sold and I intend to stock up on these next time we hit the library! :D

- RahRahAnn

I Can Play Guitar On My Skateboard! :D

That be my skateboard! :D

I've gotta say, though - I'm no Tony Hawk but I can fall like the rest of them XD I wanna learn how to skateboard properly but I fail - epically. Bahahahaha :D Coordination and I don't mix.

Anyway, awesome board! It even says "rock" on it ^_^ I need AFI stickers to put all over it - that would look awesome! :D

- RahRahAnn

Epic Paris Tee! :D

Observe ^_^

Lol. Probably my new favorite shirt. It be awesome! :DDDDDDD

Seriously, I pretty much LIVE in these shirts - well, them and tank tops XD Normal t-shirts are way too hot for this weather! D:

Anyway, I have a supergirl one and a London one :D Bahahaha - strange selection XD

But still - awesome shirt. Just got it and I iz in loooooooooooove with it - lol XD

- RahRahAnn

First Strike, By Jack Higgins (Book Review!)

I picked this book up because of the cover: a tank, flames, and two teenagers right in the middle of it! :D

It seemed pretty awesome at first glance, but onto the rest of my review :)

 - Plot:

Meh. It's a bit over-done. Crime-solving teens with a secret agent dad, poking their noses into all of his cases. Of course, this kind of thing can totally be done when pulled off right (*coughs* Hardy Boys *coughs*), but this fell really short for me.

- Characters:

The cover distinctly shows two boys. You can't see their faces, but they are BOYS - I insist. They both look like boys, so, of course, I thought they were boys. Wrong. Jade is a girl, and that greatly disappointed me because a lot of books like this never have two guys like the Hardy Boys :(

Anyway, they weren't really bad characters, but . . . The author never stated the ages of Jade and Rich, which made it difficult to identify with them. I just labeled them as sixteen because I doubt they'd be able to legally go off to places and stay home alone for long amounts of time (days/weeks) if they were much younger :/

And their dad. Wow. He actually amused me (as a lot of the intended humor in this book didn't - sorry). He's so . . . well, clueless would be the word for it XD He doesn't really seem to mind his kids getting into these dangerous situations with him. It's unrealistic, but I found it funny :D

- Flow:

Sooooo fast. It never gives you a break. They're here, they're there, and now WE MUST BE OFF TO WASHINGTON! It keeps the pace from growing boring but at least a little break from the action would be nice :)

- Overall:

It seemed very Bond-ish to me. Like, a very watered-down James Bond movie for kids. I can imagine this being extremely entertaining for some, but I wasn't digging it too much. Some of the action scenes seemed forced, but maybe it's just me :)

I watch the A-Team so my definition of "explosion-y action" might be a lot different than other kids' - bahahahaha :D

So, yeah - pretty good book. Not my particular taste, but it was fairly enjoyable, and I'm sure a lot of kids out there would like it! :D

- RahRahAnn

First Post! :D

Huzzah! New blog! :D

So. Basically this blog is for me to yak about reading, drawing, movies, music, and, of course, WRITING.

Beware of ranting >:]

I have a plot bunny who might randomly disappear at times, and when he does, you WILL hear about it - bahahahaha.

(v v)

Do YOU know this bunny? XD

Anyway, that's basically it. You've been warned. Hope you enjoy listening to me! :D

- RahRahAnn