Friday, May 20, 2011

Stay Or Go, by Francine Pascal (Book Review!)

This book is from the Sweet Valley High: Senior Year series - I picked it up after reading Road Trip from the same series! :D

- Plot:

Oh my - so many >.<

Okay. So, I think the main plot was centered around Jeremy deciding whether to move with his family to Arizona, or stay for his senior year and join them after graduation. Then there was another one with Will, who is working at the same place where Ken's father (Ken has taken his place on the football team after Will's injury) works, and discovers something sketchy. Conner and Alanna have a little plot in there too :D

There's a heck of a lot going on in this book! Lol :D But I think the author pulled it off well, merging the storylines together and keeping them fairly easy to keep apart :D

- Characters:

I don't mind most of the characters. I like Jeremy and Conner and Trent and Ken and Will . . . Maria is cool too :D I dislike pretty much all of the other girl characters, though. They're whiny and annoying, especially Jessica.

She was portrayed as selfish and needy. While Jeremy was having a hard time making his decision, she was also giving him a really hard time about him possibly leaving her specifically, as if the rest of his friends don't even matter.

Once Jeremy said:

"We just finished fighting over all that college stuff, and I thought you understood that you matter. What am I going to have to do to prove to you how much you mean to me, Jess?"

 He hadn't told her that he might be considering staying with a friend until graduation because he didn't want to get her hopes up. Oh, how terrible of him *rolls eyes*

Ack - sorry >.< Rant over.

- Flow:

As I said, the author did an awesome job meshing everything. I love the writing style of these books for that very reason, and it doesn't really get slow anywhere :D

- Overall:

Great book - I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not particularly a chick-lit reader so I wasn't sure about this series at first, but after two books Pascal has me sold and I intend to stock up on these next time we hit the library! :D

- RahRahAnn

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