Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Just Wrote A Dorky Poem! :D

I don't even know what to title it! :D

But it's dorky. It's about dorks. Dorky friends. Bahahahaha - I think it's about my characters Hank and company, because it has stupid things they would do :D

Like watching Invader Zim, even though they're sixteen :D

Not that that's bad. I've never really seen Invader Zim O.O

I guess I just kind of think it's a kiddie show - bahahaha :D

But then again . . . I watch The Backyardigans . . . and Winnie The Pooh . . . and they're even kiddier kiddie shows than Invader Zim O.O

Oh dear O.O

Bahahaha - let's not bring my problems into this XD

Anyway, I think I might post it on the story blog! :D



*discretely slips in shamelessly plugging link*

Here it is! :D

Bahahahaha - I be terrible XD

So, that's about it! :D

Getchya dork on, my peeps! :DDDDDDD

- RahRahAnn

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