Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Be An AFI-Aholic! :D

Who is AFI, you ask? Only possibly one of the awesomest bands EVER :D And if you're sitting here reading this and still wondering what makes this kick-butt band so special, please do the following:

Step One: LOOK `EM UP.

Step Two: Listen to "Prelude 12/21", because it's so fitting - it might be the first footsteps towards your new obsession!

Step Three: *optional* Indulge.

And if you already know who this band is and/or are an avid listener, congratulations. Pat yourself on the back and I shall give you each a nice, fuzzy alpaca, so long as he isn't made into a coat ._.

I have convinced myself that I absolutely NEED an AFI hoodie. But it's so stupid hot here I'd never wear it! D:

However, it would look awesome on my wall >:]

I want about a dozen of these, too! :D

I usually HATE t-shirts, though, unless they have those little cap sleeves. I live in tank tops - bahahahahaha :D

It could go on the wall, too ^_^

With this! :D

I neeeeeeeeeed that. Seriously. It would complete me <3

Obsessed, much? O.O

Bahahahaha! :D

- RahRahAnn

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