About Me!

☼Location: I live someplace where it's hot almost year-round and randomly freezing!

♀Gender: If you don't know what the ♀ sign is, my picture should tell you XD

Hi! I'm Ann - happily home-schooled writer, drawer, thinker, and resident psycho! :D

I'm an avid Inkpopper and spend most of my life lurking there. This blog is to post my thoughts, ideas, spur-of-the-moment outbursts, and anything else I can think of :D

That person ^ is me. Yeah, I know, that picture is not flattering!

So, that's about it. If you're bothering to read my blog out of interest of boredom, I hope you enjoy! Read on, get to know me...I like to think I'm a semi-interesting person! :D