Friday, July 8, 2011

Spiderman, Rain, And Raccoons...Wow o.o

Raining again today! D:

It's cleared up a bit now though :D

There was a raccoon parading across the yard this morning. It was wet so its fur was spiked up and it looked fairly ridiculous, though XD

Observe :D

Twas filmed through a wet window, so the quality isn't so good :D

Aaaaaaand I've been listening to the Broadway soundtrack for Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark. It's pretty awesome ;)

~coughs~ As are all things Spider-man.

At the moment I have Rise Above 1 and Rise Above 2 on loop. I guess Rise Above 1 is sort of a remix :D

They're both awesome. I just heard Rise Above 2 for the first time earlier this morning, and didn't like it at first. It sounded like something I'd hear in a Tinkerbell movie XD

But I love it now! :D

So, yeah! That's about it! :D

- RahRahAnn

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