Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Story Idea! :D

 Tires screeched and rubber burned, and sparks lit up the darkness. Swiftly, the Lamborghini Murciélago, black and blending with the night, thrust from its opponent's side to swerve, an almost invisible fury of shimmering paint. The semi truck, caught between the two battling vehicles, slowed in attempt to escape the madness and slip through behind to safety while the two cars continued on. Unaware, the Ferrari charged forwards.
Following this was a deafening screech of brakes and a blur of action. Moving too late to avoid collision, the Lamborghini clipped the back of the truck. The semi made a desperate last-minute attempt to swerve the opposite direction into the other lane, and the Ferrari realized a moment before collision that there was absolutely nowhere to go.
Metal bent. Glass shattered. Time seemed to freeze solid – and once it had started up again, the damage had already been done.
No one moved in the Lamborghini Murciélago. There was no view of inside, the tinted windows riddled with hairline fractures, and the car had spun to rest on the grass off the road. The semi was on its side and there was no motion from the cabin. The front half of the Ferrari was crushed underneath the bulk of the truck, the rear tires slightly suspended and still slowly turning. Survival seemed nearly impossible.
No one was around to see the dark figure emerge from the crumpled door of the smashed vehicle, silhouetted by the motionless trains of broken headlights. His shadow stretched and stretched as he neared the Lamborghini, one arm making the painful movement to his left pocket. The object he retrieved glinted in the moonlight.
The butt of the gun cracked the glass more and the passengers window caved in, a waterfall of glass falling to the beige interior. The expensive vehicle still smelled of new car and air fresheners, and now a new, metallic tang. With not much to see by, he aimed.
And fired.
With his deed done, a car lost, and a disaster to leave on the road behind him, the lone figure limped away to the sparkling city sleeping in the distance.

Opinions? :D

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