Monday, June 13, 2011


Word just got in that Inkpop is shutting down until further notice until the new site is up. We here at PCEP will keep you posted for further updates.

*shuffles papers around on desk until camera cuts*

Yeah. So.


I be...Inkpopless! D:

For a few days, anyway...until they put the new site up >.<

I haven't seen it yet, except a pic of the homepage HarperCollins posted on their blog, but it looks totally different! D:

Not sure if I'll like it - others have been saying the new design isn't as good as the old one...


But the countdown until the new Inkpop only says 20 hours! So that's good! Originally, it was until the 16th! :D

And now I'm bored .-.

Onions promised to spam me during the blackout, though >:}

- RahRahAnn

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